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A genuine innovation!
The quickcoating nostop is now available!

This new technology combines all the advantages of the pressureless quickcoating system with the requirements of a high throughput inline powder coating production line. Still no compressed air* and suction installation needed. As a consequence, there will be no powder loss. The powder dose modules enable a versatile range of configurations. A manual or fully automated powder transport back to the powder reservoir is possible. The system is computer controlled and comes along with a network connection to various line controller systems.


  • zero powderloss
  • pressureless
  • energy saving
  • fast and efficient
  • 24/7 inline production
  • The economical solution for an automated production line!

[*] Compressed air only required for automated powder transport. This option does not influence the pressureless coating chamber.

Take a look at the leaflet on the right side for more information.

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