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Rotation Device


You need to rotate your workpiece to improve coating process? Up to three rotation devices can be installed inside the coating chamber.

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Colour Change Set (CCS)


If you want to coat with more than one kind of powder, changing the colour in a very short time can be important for you.
Our new CCS system (Colour Change Set) for the quickcoating machine enables you to change the powder in only 5 minutes!

A CCS comprises all the parts in a way that makes it possible to quickly remove the whole powdery process chamber. Only the clean components of the machine with high voltage contacts etc. are left. Then another CCS can be inserted in this clean counterpart.
Take a look at the leaflet on the right side for more information.

Smart Box


Color changes with the smart machine using smart boxes are even faster: Only 1 minute!

  • Less cleaning
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Easy storage

Smart Rack


The smart rack offers 15 slots for optimal storage of your smart boxes. Additional storage at the bottom and workspace on top.

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