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Welcome to the new way of powdercoating


There is scarcely any industry that does not use surface finishing – be it for technical, hygienic or aesthetic reasons - at the end of a product manufacturing process.

Conventional electrostatic powdercoating is a rather expensive process that requires increased consumption of energy and powder – at the expense of the environment. In addition, there are high investment costs and large space requirements.

quickcoating is a technically unique coating process for surface finishing:

  • fast
  • efficient
  • eco-friendly
  • almost noise-free

quickcoating – the new way of powdercoating

What's quickcoating?


The quickcoating technology is based exclusively upon the electrostatic powder coating principle - without the use of compressed air! Electrodes charge the powder particles and thus make them rise as a cloud from the bottom of the coating chamber. The charged powder particles now follow the electrostatic field emitted by the electrodes, thus are transported to the grounded work piece.

High Powder Adhesion
Due to the quickcoating principle the powder cloud consists only of highly charged powder particles. This leads to a very high electrostatic powder adhesion on the workpiece surface.

No Powderloss
The coating thickness can be adjusted between 40 and 300 µm according to the choice of coating time and charging voltage. Powder not deposited on the piece falls down to the bottom after the coating process is finished - ready to be used in the next coating cycle. This guarantees 100% powder economy. An expensive and cumbersome powder recovery system is not necessary. Change of colour with the new CCS-System only takes 5 minutes by exchanging the complete coating chamber.

Clean Surface
Due to the closed process chamber the problem of impurity and particles at the coating surface is minimized. The result is a coating surface that will meet the highest quality requirements.

Energy Saving
Nowadays more and more important: The quickcoating machine needs only ~20 W of electrical power. This is approximately 1% of a basic coating chamber with exhaust and one coating gun.

Small and big series, small and big parts – this machine handles everything at minimal costs. Even thousands of parts can be coated within shortest time and with top quality. quickcoating offers nearly unlimited application possibilities for all kinds of metal parts.

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